As most of you probably guessed, newniu isn't gonna happen.

This is my fault. When newt and I talked about the project, newt suggested we start near the end of niu. But then the end came near and it felt like everyone had moved already.

It's like we were waiting for the perfect time, but it never came, or rather, it slipped away from the start.

And I'm not blaming newt at all. Since I was supervising the whole thing, I was the one who should have thought about this twice.

I started with a really quick rush to get the movement started as soon as possible. I remember going to bed at 3 AM to get it out. I didn't keep this up with newt because I'm not assertive enough and yet I'm supposed to lead this project...

Why am I like this? Why do I get myself into positions I'm not fit for? I only end up disappointing everyone. No, rather waste their time, because I'm sure there is more anger against me than disappointment.

I won't waste anyone's time any further. You won't see me after niu closes. It was a pleasure to be part of this community, but I understand this isn't reciprocal...

Ah and remember to read this post if you're wondering about newniu and where I'll go after niu ends

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@NekoSock I dunno who, if any, are mad at you, but I wanna keep following you when niu is gone.

Yeah it sucks that you tried to make something cool for the people you like and it didn't work. I'm not very assertive either and it's caused me problems too. Not the end of the world. Just know what went wrong and use that guilt to resolve to not repeat the mistake.

Keep having fun, Neko. :ablobcatheart:

It's all good mate. No need to leave fedi if you don't really want to. Rather you stick around personally, but it's your call.

No hard feelings, promise! :bun:

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