If you have Discord Nitro, you can get a free month of Funimation right now! :apartyblobcat: :apartyblobcat: :apartyblobcat: :apartyblobcat:


(vpn may be required as funimation is us/canada only)

also this may only be for those with the $10/Month Nitro, sorry :c

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@Ste1lar but if you're already paying for nitro then this is FREE :apartyblobcat:

@NekoSock i don't think you have any idea how much fucking expensive 10$/month is

@Ste1lar I also have 3 boosts (in addition to the 2 free boosts) so actually my subscription is $20/month

@NekoSock oh my god neko you're paying 20$/month for discord please wake up

@Ste1lar you can straight up buy a vps and run your own discord for that kind of money

@Ste1lar wait no *rent a vps
though you could buy a single-board computer of some sort and host it from your home (as long as your isp doesn't put you behind a firewall and charge dollar to remove it like mine does)

@Ste1lar this one cyfrowypolsat.pl/oferta/intern (not english)
around $1.50 a month for just unfirewalling and $5 for that plus static ip
mmmmnot that expensive now that i think about it but it's still more cost-effective to rent a cheap box imo

@sobsz my 10$/month has no firewall and static ip, and its like the cheapest possible. also i have openvpn on my router, i can customize dhcp and file sharing, etc

@Purrplenekoboi @Ste1lar

Look I get it I get it but I have a great explanation, hear me out, hold on

@NekoSock @Ste1lar Ye I am actually happy about nitro because it's a way more healthy way to monetize at least that much discord it can pay back server costs.

It's much better because Kik has ads now :blobcatsip:

@NekoSock @Ste1lar
They are like Twitter was in 2014 like not yet knowing how to monetize. The only thing letting discord exist is nitro and the service's networth.

@Purrplenekoboi @Ste1lar

Okay so I run bots on a 7k member server I founded. The moderation bot is pretty botched and the code isn't very flexible. As with most moderation bots I think.

The bot uses a few reaction emojis for things like confirming actions. Those emojis are stores on the server it moderates in. It is on no other server, I fear the bot will crash if it's added onto more servers.

At one point, we went below the 15 boosts threshold and our emoji limit was back to 100 emojis. We actually only had 10 boosts, they dropped at once pretty hard.

This was bad, because the bot could no longer use the emojis it needed.

And see, I am too lazy to fix this code. I would need to add the emojis onto another server and add the bot in it, but I don't wanna have to review all the code to ensure it is two-servers ready.

So I fixed the situation by buying the $10 Nitro, which includes 2 boosts, and 3 separate boosts. So that's a total of $20 per month.

And now everything is fine! We even got some boosts back so I'll be able to cancel a few of them. It was a temp fix, but I'm glad I got a free month of Funimation with it!

@Purrplenekoboi @Ste1lar ah and I'm not that fucking rich, with the governmental alms and my parent's money, I get about $200 a month so discord represent 10% of my monthly budget.

But it was also a great meme and I got a lot of praise for it, take that into account!

@Ste1lar @Purrplenekoboi

I'll be able to cancel 2 boosts, don't worry (unless someone unboosts)

@Ste1lar @Purrplenekoboi

Wait, 3 boosts, I can cancel 3 boosts! Yay, now its only $10 a month!

will be able to spend more money at IKEA

@NekoSock @Purrplenekoboi i meant vénérer but i didn't know there wasn't any word for it in english

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