Today I travelled with a special compensation train ticket sent in the mail. Given the impression of the conductors, these must be pretty rare.

One was nearly convinced my ticket was invalid.

The other said that my crumbled ticket was beautiful or nice, depending on translation.

Paper tickets are quite rare these days. Most people use a digital code or a universal RFC card.

They probably only sent this by mail because it looks like they tamper-proofed this ticket with microprint.

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@fred In france, we can print train ticket ourselves so this is quite common. They have a QR code that the controllers can scan.

@NekoSock that's what I meant by digital code. You can print it, but their scanners can also read your screen as well.

Though if you have a standard (flex) ticket you can print it and use it in nearby busses.

@NekoSock what's sad is that politicians now want to replace the NFC* card with a mobile app. The NFC card just works by scanning it at each endpoint.

(*Sorry not RFC)

@fred That's probably good. Less paper is better.

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