@Ytrezar Yeah I actually subscribed yesterday, and I was unsure if niu would think that's a stupid or a good decision xD.

If you watch the H3 podcast, they sponsor some of their episode, but it's clear Ethan genuinely likes them.

I like these kinds of companies that find new actually useful ways to change and improve it (making a subscription for dental health that includes a nw brush, toothpaste and a battery every 3 months).

And also its clear that Quip have a lot of values I appreciate. They seem pretty honest and it looks like they take a rather scientific and customer-first approach.

But all of that is just my thoughts while ordering it. I'll report when I get it on whether they fulfil their promise. :ablobcatbongo:

I got the (PRODUCT)RED edition that supports HIV research, it's also a nice colour!

@Ytrezar if you live outside the US or Canada, be aware that there is $15 of shipping on the toothbrush, but then the quarterly refill pack ships free worldwide.

@Ytrezar Right and also use this code: KCPYQVVG to get $5 of free credits on refills

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