I feel so conflicted on Lumiko.

On one minute I am on the verge of blocking them and on the other I see them as being among the nicest people here.

@NekoSock i'm not sure how i feel about this post

i guess this is about my very strong opinions relating to things like copyright and capitalism?

or about how i express them? i do sometimes say pretty circlejerk-ish things, which might not be the best way to go about things 😅

@lumi I guess it's just that I usually mute people who express very extreme opinions in the blue for no reasons.

They're usually the kind of people who always focus on the negative side of things. As evidenced by the fact that they can complain about something that isn't even present in the current context.

And negative people are bad for mental health :ablobcatbongo:

@NekoSock @lumi :ablobcatbongo: it's important to keep a healthy swewious-pwost and cuteposting-post balance!!!! :blobcatadorable:
@chumii @NekoSock @lumi Case in point, my mental health definitely got better when I switched to this instance and only followed people whose posts I like and aren't overly negative all the time. :blobfoxheart:

@Feuerfuchs @NekoSock @chumii feel free to tell me if i get too negative, it usually isn't my intent :3

@Feuerfuchs @lumi @chumii

If you find the subject of how being positive or negative in your writings affects your well-being and mental health, check out this really good article from the Havard University!

@NekoSock i feel like my opinions are only "extreme" because of how messed up current society is

though, i do not assert that i know the solution to everything (which is kind of a ridiculous assertion, as nobody does), i do lean very strongly against capitalism, proprietary software, copyright, animal agriculture and a bunch of other things because of my own experiences and knowledge

and yeah, this does mean that i can make pretty negative posts, but hey, at least they're not about hopelessness! i'm rather optimistic that we can change things for the better, slowly, feeling our way around to see what is the best course of action

and, well, i do believe kindness is the best praxis! :blobcatheart:

@lumi I do think you mean no harm, nor do I think any of the people I muted did.

However, I think that even if you try to call for action that you deem positive, your views are still super super negative.

To me, a negative post is when someone writes about something they don't like. Even if they call for positive change.

There are problems with our world, but there are also a lot of things that are great.

The Havard University did a great article titled "In Praise of Gratitude", they talk about how writing about things that you are grateful for greatly improves your mental health and well-being.

I am not saying that you should always be positive, but I tend to mute people who are consistently negative.

Just like you should balance cuteposting and seriousposting, you should be sure your negative to positive ratio isn't too high.

But I can understand you really want to post about those things. But maybe use a CW with the subject being complained about? That could at least help avoiding others having their mood ruined, but I can understand that it reduces the effeciveness of your post, so you don't have to do it.

@NekoSock yeah there are a lot of good things in the world (like friends!! :3) and it may be a good idea to post more about them

point taken about CW-ing posts talking about how terrible some things are, it isn't my intention to ruin people's moods, it's a good idea and i'll try to keep that in mind

or maybe talk about solutions in the same post :3

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