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Reading passwords from accelerometer data? Jesus, that's brilliant

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Fediverse users calling Twitter "the Birdsite" is the same level of elitism as 4chan users calling Reddit "Plebbit". Like really it's the same level.

"Then in 1856, China went crazy and adventurous and genuinely thought it could try to ban opium once more"

And just look at the slide about when the UK actually starts sneaking Opium into China

Am working on a presentation about the history of Hong Kong, I use this slide to summarise the Opium War

ok now they agree on it having been delivered

Hold on it's getting better, the USPS and La Poste don't agree on whether the item got delivered

I have a MTF trans friend and when I get angry at him, I use masculine pronoun to refer to him >:D

I feel so conflicted on Lumiko.

On one minute I am on the verge of blocking them and on the other I see them as being among the nicest people here.

like its crazy in these updates they tell you when your package leaves from somewhere but they don't tell you where it's going >>>>>:[

Shipping something from LA to France

USPS update: Your package just took off from an LA airport

Me: omg so it's probably gonna be about 10 hours until it lands in France! :ablobcatbongo:

USPS update later: aaaaaand it just landed in New York, now you wait for it to take off again

aaaaaaa its been 10 hours since the USPS have last emailed me an update about my package I'm getting impatient

It was plastic-wrapped to prevent kids from opening it (or maybe people from "using" the images in the store)

Ah and I was reading nude parts of Monster Musume while a grandma was sitting next to me in the bus.

Got those for a friend who mailed me the first tome of Gabriel Dropout

Trump Voter Feels Betrayed By President After Reading 800 Pages Of Queer Feminist Theory

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