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when will my skeleton spouse come back from the skeleton war

Social tip: "I... I don't really know what to say/how to react to this" is a great reaction that works in a large number of situations. Especially when a convo turns very serious and sad very fast.

norway and sweden together kinda look like a penis but that's just my opinion

Me: *tells bun not to do laundry* 

Me: *tells bun to do laundry*
Bun: Do laundry! Do laundry!!! :bunlove:

Me: *tells bun to do maths*
Bun: bun never do maths :bun: (hops away)

*writes a 20 word, 1 sentence long email in French*

Ah yes, time to use a spell checker on this now

Myth: no buns :bun: like caramel
Fact: some buns :bun: like caramel

properties of :bun: Bun:
✅ looking is nice
✅ touching is nice
✅ hop hop :bun:

@NekoSock @Ytrezar You guys must not know he's a professional troll.

He's the "Weird satanist guy" from a few years ago, he was talking about how he wants Satan to "notice me senpai".

I named a server that's running a particularly frustrating program on it "zetsubo" after Sayonara Zetsubo-Sensei and one of my coworkers pointed it out so now I think I have a conversation with my boss waiting for me on Monday lol

there has to be a nuko somewhere around here :ablobcatreach:

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