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If I see another code elitist on my timeline ranting about how JS should be removed from browsers I swear I will lose my mind

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Okay what the hell 19 boosts and 27 favs X_X

I am now internet famous owo

Yes that status better get a lot of boosts and favs I spent a lot of time working on that >:D

The official Material Design icons have an icon for pregnant women but don't have an icon for logging in and out

Despite some Google apps having icons for that

Anyone here ever tried Misskey? How is it?

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Why does the Mastodon login form says "Trouble logging in?". That's such a dumb way to label this button.

Label it "Forgot password?" this is what Google, Firefox, GitHub, Adobe, Figma, DigitalOcean, Vultr, MyAnimeList, Tenor, Reddit (without the question mark) and likely a lot more label it as.

or "Forgot *your* password?" used by Steam, Amazon, Gyfcat, FontSpring, GitLab, CloudFlare and Discord

or conjugate it like Twitter to "Forgotten your password?" or "Forgotten my password" like Microsoft, anything is better than "Trouble logging in?"

At least I can say that every single website I checked without exceptions used the verb "forget" so this is pretty much a standard at this point.

"Trouble logging in?" doesn't actually do anything other than reset your password. hucxiopkockoxjpwjk

Gab tried to change "Mention @user" in menus to just "Mention".

However, they did this change in every localisations, and now quite a lot of them are terribly terribly incorrect, like the Japanese one that now reads "Toot to Mr." 👏 👏 👏

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Still got the song stuck in my head help

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