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Missed a trick not calling toots doots, let's be fair.

If god isn't real then who created shitposting? Check m8 atheists

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Tired: shitposting
Inspired: remixing
Hired: freelance creative work
Wired: "letting out some nervous energy"
Tired: a bicycle
Lyred: bardposting
Tired: also cars pretty sure
Fired: social networking engagement opportunities
You, an intellectual: What are you... doing?

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beep beep the collapse of western society is here. get in

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Oh hell, look at the time. It's waiting on Source control sync time, niu.moe/media/ofDHlGp3ZgjffpX0

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@thatbrickster Taken on one of my iPads bought with adsense

@azurolu Fair enough. I'm in the minority on Namora hating. I find them so difficult to take in, unfocussed, don't make any sense, triggers me mad-style.

Tidus wears dunga-shorts made of PVC for under-water sport. jfc I can't take it.

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My pronouns are Yum, Yam and Yummy. Learn them, shitlord.

Watercooler Murkz: " 'course I'm all over that work, should be done asap"
Watershed Murkz: "Obviously the work is done, I get shit done. what do I look like? A feminist?"

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@thatbrickster I thought that might be the case. They just hit the (((reimport project for PC and export build))) button and called it a day.

I'll probably hunt around for a mod later on.

I was gifted Final Fantasy XIII 3

It's also called Lightning Returns.

⚑️ Nomura's character designs are absolutely disgusting
⚑️ Story is totally shite (and weirdly god-fearing) & the name is fucking cack
⚑️ Environment Art is very muddy.

βš”οΈ BUT the combat is very, very good. Tactics actually matter. Fast, frantic, knowing the enemy is key. Battle can live or die on your knowledge and fore-thought.

Play it, but don't take it seriously.

Now go away.