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~murkz @Murkz@niu.moe

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I am gamedev & creative director by trade but contrarian by hobby.

My mastodon priorities include:
📌 Shitposting
📌 Liking shitposts
📌 Boosting Shitposts
📌 Getting blocked by witches.town

Traps -are- gay but who can resist???

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i think about this image a lot

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Have a sample meme from the 'bullying' section of our menu. Show more

My 💀Official Disciplinary💀 has been de-escilated to a Misconduct Warning fyi


🎉 Fucking monday! 🎉

Good morning niu

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> not know how to take my bra off with your teeth

Coffee and a cigarette cured hang over.

brb house-work

Hell, I passed 500 toots.

Eh, this is better than smoking

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Sunday. Hung over.

What's going on Niu

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@shpuld Also a controversial opinion.

Traps are gay.

Until next time, 2Booty

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Admins logged in, bois.

[Shoves shitposts under bed manically]

Imagine a world where bus services run on time. Just imagine.

What's the point in twitter

Masto has shitposts, head pats and out of context hentai panels.

Why even birdsite. No need. Pull the plug.