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White bread isn't even that great. Brown bread is the good stuff.

Someone told me I can't make fun of Yandere dev's code because I can't do better.

But I ain't getting over 1 thousand dollars for making trash.

Coding is for nerds

Pls no bulli

Youtube comments are truly something else.

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My cats think they are in the wwe

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Yeah.. I think it needs dusting

Just found my Wii U gamepad and you can tell how much I’ve used it after I got my Switch.

Smh kilts are just another name for skirts

Getting some top notch friend requests right now

I think about this video a lot.

Windows keeps installing Candy Crush on my pc like

Can you not?

I feel like garbage right now but thankfully Bryan showed me the funniest article I have ever seen

Amazon Prime is pretty cool and all but why are Minecraft roleplays included with it?

Please be Jack Black please be Jack Black please be Jack Black please be Jack Bl-