Where to find pictures of cute redhead anime girls

@Mitsuuu Fedi probably has more of that than Google anyway.

@Mitsuuu Well that can't be true, you're way too cute for that

@Mitsuuu Since you are not an anime girl, you are safe from me (and 90% of Fedi)


@nepfag @Mitsuuu Gelbooru doesn't require a premium account to view any images. I mostly search Pixiv these days tho.
@nepfag @Mitsuuu
>not using an ad blocker
>Tags are fine and you're not limited to just two without paying

>It's the only site that manages to display that shit even with ublock origin.
Ah, that's your problem. You need nano adblocker and nano defender. Nano adblock is a fork of ublock origin and nano defender is a companion anti-adblock blocker.
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