@Mitsuuu that is not worth $6000. i am going to steal one.

@Mitsuuu I wonder how much it cost to just buy the parts of an equivalent Xeon workstation without all the Apple specific rubbish.

@djsumdog @Mitsuuu fuse.wikichip.org/news/2400/in These are the CPUs (the Mac Pro houses the M ones).
amd.com/en/graphics/workstatio These are the GPUs (no price yet). Add to that ECC RAM, a m.2 SSD, motherboard and the expensive looking case, and you probably don't get to $6000, but at least fairly close.

The G5 was similar. Now, the gradient/3D bezel themes will come back after 15 years? Because I hate flat themes.
For sure, Apple and MS will have those back as "innovation". Well, in the case of MS, they have a point, as they influenced Unix Motif.

Heck, one could put a Raspberry pi or two in the cheese grater.. 👌

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