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Yasumoto and Shitanda noticing foreign fans in the new Haruka 7 voice actor commentary video just posted i-

With mods ffxiv is accidentally the best dress-up game

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Translated a very small amount of text for this update and got reminded how bad I am at translating lol

Being able to understand stuff and actually being able to reword it into English are two entirely different skills and I'm so bad at the latter

Someone give me the mental fortitude to focus on just one game

The PS2 era of otome games actually has a decent few games that have some sort of gameplay in them what happened.......

Also thanks to Monochrome Factor being put in my head again here I am reliving when I was like 14~15 listening to its ED way too many times despite that I don't think I ever finished watching the anime lol

There's a Monochrome Factor otome game on the PS2, neat. It's a bit weird because I remember the anime being really gay. Apparently the manga didn't have all that gay but the otome game is based on the anime so....... huh

Still wanna play it

me: I've started playing way too many otome games at once I need to stop

also me: *goes on vndb to find even more*

Love this game and all its dumb sparkles and flowers everywhere

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Got the game I originally set out to find too it looks so nice. I heard from a friend that apparently it isn't good but that isn't stopping me

Oh god there's so many ps2 otome games I want to play here I wish I could play all of them right now

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