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Saw this on Twitter and I'm losing it I simultaneously love and hate the A3 localisation so much

I forgot that the new Winter Troupe boy they added in the second season is voiced by Hino. I love when he sings in his deep voice it's so damn cool

Catching up on A3 music since I've been totally neglecting the new releases since I stopped playing the original JP release. The music is soooo good it has no right to all be this great

This is such an accurate translation but also I hate it

A3 is out in English now and the translation is so good I'm so pleasantly surprised

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I love every main character in ffxiv's main story

Think I'm gonna redo the text on my website's about page a bit to make it more serious

Also it's Olivie's birthday today so happy birthday Olivie you're 22 again!

It's funny that I think it's like canon in Angelique that the Guardians ages don't go up but they still have birthdays so it's just like -

"Happy 22nd birthday *again* Olivie" lol

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