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Someone make me stop impulsively buying secondhand Neoromance (mainly Angelique) stuff all the time

I'm home and I'm tired.
I have a whole one(1) day off tomorrow though yay. Finally time to recover from my dang cold I've had for over a week :(

I am just vibing listening to mr Yamada Ichiro Hypmic's new Break the Wall song on repeat while mindlessly grinding the new Touken Ranbu event right now

Hmm should I post it on both or maybe just PF.... Since it's not super long or anything

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Was writing a post about Bustafellows here but it got too long so I'll just make it a DW or Pillowfort post instead lol

Aaaaaaa I wanna update my website it's been sooo long. Maybe on my next day off.....

I wanna be on Fedi more but full time job sucks

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Also I don't want to go to work tomorrow ugh. At least I have two days off after tomorrow.

And then 5 days in a row working...........

That's the most positive thing I have to say about it at this point lmao

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Started playing MoshiKami a few days ago and I hate it no wonder the ratings are so mixed on vndb and I heard before that it's bad.

My curiosity won't let me stop playing it though. But boy is it not making it easy for me to continue. It's not boring so much as it is just unpleasant. I got genuinely angry at it last night lol. The only other otome game I recall getting angry at is Dynamic Chord Liar-S (specifically Seri's route) so that's quite a feat

I should be in bed but I spent time ripping the Granfes 2019 promo art sprites off the official website by digging through inspect element instead

Not gonna bother posting all of them just some of my favorites

Oh it's over already. I guess that was just the opening though

Also god they're so cute

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KMR's wearing a Guild Wars shirt that's evil energy

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Oh heck the retweet campaign I should go retweet that

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The infamous man himself the KMR has entered the stage

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Ooooooh I hadn't actually seen the Granblue Fes 2019 promo art of the characters they're all so cute

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