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Finally created a JP Nintendo acc and now I'm just going through the eshop on my Switch adding every single otome game there to my wishlist

I love Masumi very much too. And this dumb gamer. And also everyone else

That little Neocities image board Mace created is pretty cool. I hope it doesn't get immediately forgotten about and people actually continue using it

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#fireemblem #fireemblemthreehouses

I've been loving this game so far! Still on my first playthrough cause i restarted twice to make sure I recruit everyone to one house LOL (im playing through blue lions)

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for some reason for most of the game I mistakenly thought shamir and catherine could S-rank together and now I’m sad #fireemblem #fe3houses

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Also translation is hard and I'm bad at it

Some day I'll actually translate the second chapter I swear. I'm just.... lazy........

It's sorta funny that Neocities Districts refers to me as a manga translator when I've only translated one(1) manga chapter one(1) time

Why haven't I level capped Nene yet I guess I need to play this game a bit more he deserves to be at level cap

I ran out of youtube videos to watch while grinding the event for him and just kinda started watching trashy Japanese variety shows on Netflix using a VPN, lol

Finally got him.... now I can rest and not touch the game at all for another 1~2 months at least probably. What a good pink boy

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Oh yeah A3! main story part 3 is happening soon now and I still haven't finished reading part 2. It's really good I have no idea why I haven't yet

So many games I want to play but also I really need to finish the ones I've already started...

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