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I was going to get some work done tonight but instead started watching a fresh documentary on how The Witcher games came into existence (it's in Polish but I heard something about English subtitles) youtube.com/watch?v=g18GgD-SNz

Things you might have missed outside birdsite:
A free online about unconventional people

I partially blame Neon for the fact I started considering doctorate but I suppose university might be a good employer for someone who wants to pursue ideas corporations want nothing to do with

I haven't even started my bachelor degree but already wondering if I should stick to university until there's no better degree to get or until I find something to do for living, whichever comes first

Codecademy emailed me that there is huge growth in market need for React programmers
Too bad cause I really want React taken away from public

My friend says it is possible to write on a Cherry MX Blue keyboard without it sounding like a typewriter, but I don't type nearly as fast when I'm trying to keep it quiet

Rust might not have been the wisest choice after all and I got carried away designing traits

Slowly building Rust traits and structs for ActivityPub, perhaps will finish this part before uni starts in October.

Funny how I went from hating ActivityPub to kinda liking it over a few months

[2 days ago] <@cwebber> Now's a great time to start!

you'd think there I would've done something in that time (it's actually 1.5 days cause Math.round) but
work vs games is a hard choice when you're still on holidays before uni and the rest of your family isn't

Signed up on lichess and got trashed by lowest difficulty AI
I guess I'm done with chess for a while now again

Another thing is how a Nokia E51 doesn't have call blocking so I'm going to add this number to phonebook as "Pure Evil"

Now I wish I nagged more for how the numbers get assigned to places

A telemarketer called me that my number had been "randomly chosen from those in <my village name here>" and that I was eligible for a free hoover blah blah
I was going to pull the "I have terms of conditions for you too" stunt but instead I tried to get info on how they connected numbers with villages and ended up telling her that I lived elsewhere

I swore in an IRC channel that I'd start writing an own implementation of ActivityPub and the deadline to start passed a month or two ago but now seems like a good time to start too

Hi everyone.
I'm looking for someone who can take over my instance. I WON'T give it up until I'm sure I find someone competent I can trust for the sake of my users.

Thanks for spreading this message.

Scrolled through my last 12 hours of my feed and I can't tell if people really mean this drama or just keep it up as a joke
I mean, one person clarified their stance, but that was like one person?

Is it really that with the advent of technology we get serious illnesses more often or is it rather that without technology many people died before falling ill?

I bet developing for J2ME is easier

Android Studio itself is enough to discourage someone like me from ever making any Android app
I have no clue how any of it works, especially when I want to target old Android versions