Michał Sidor 🐋 has moved to @Michcioperz@m.atm.pl:

Michał Sidor 🐋 @Michcioperz@niu.moe

This is going to be one unified all-purposes account for me, hosted by me, on an instance that is used only by me, so I that can delete and block and such without affecting anyone else on the instance

@twee I don't know, I'm complaining about someone else's repo

@miwilc I don't see a link in elinks
not to mention any additional link I have to click to get to the content is additional 15-30 seconds wasted because every page is over a MB in size and elinks doesn't really enjoy that

(just another day trying to install pleroma)

how the fuck do i leave github when gitlab is a fucking js mess
github at least lets me read the README and file contents in a text browser without js

I should really get me one of these usb things that can store ssh/gpg keys

@pea anything can be made to sound like an innuendo

@bob hopefully they'll print some more because of the video game
I see business opportunities there

@eal yeah sorry I'm forgetting the past in order to not feel to bad about reinventing the wheel

@eal what was the signal for "the terminal you were in is gone" again?

@bob update: the Polish ones sold out somewhen between when I tooted that and some hours later when I tried to buy one

was gonna rewrite libnotify to use i3-nagbar instead of dbus and whatever is sitting on the other side
but dunno

@pea yeah I was just thinking of a certain part of your recent activities as potential reason? dunno

@pea *scrolls through all the lewd stuff from the last few days*

@kaniini I love to have a cup of tea and a global thermofederated war in the evening

my favourite part of the fediverse is when I accidentally interact with English-speaking people using my explicitly Polish account (because Pleroma shows more stuff than Mastodon)