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MichaƂ Sidor (Michcioperz) @Michcioperz@niu.moe

@ivesen well maybe twidere is
on mastodon desktop the reply arrow is different if the toot is a reply to something already

@Naouak I kind of wrote about it at some point, but two people or so cared meekchopp.es/~michcioperz/2017
And yes I know my model is not perfect that's why I seek input

@Naouak In my opinion people in general deserve to understand that websites have the ability to execute arbitrary JavaScript code on their computers at will, and to suppress it in a reasonable manner. I'm using uMatrix daily on all my computers (and my phone can't do internet at the moment so I'll leave it out of comparison), but I'd rather have even more granular permission model for JS out there in the wild.

@Naouak Which is what they would say in court and not my endorsement of this practice

@Naouak Well, you're not forced to do this work, cause you're not forced to visit the website

And then I remembered it can't be a public repo cause I may or may not have a copy of aseprite there

I decided to make a bad decision of making my Arch repo public because havingacustomarchrepo.iscute.o

@quad What exactly? Never had any issue, except for damn bloat and such

@quad well, each and every service manager symlinks things to enable/disable

The Martian film was pretty quality entertainment for the 2 GBP I spent on the DVD purchase.

@eal What is this about, our government wanting reparations?

Who would have thought packing when moving is so hard?

@Pasty I think it would be cool for them to introduce a "moving seat" instead. so, if there is no seat available throughout all of your journey, it should find a combination of seats that adds up to the whole distance. I wouldn't mind switching seats (though I can understand people who would)

@Pasty well, what can you do
you can buy a ticket without a seat if seats all are reserved, and last time I did, I found an unused seat after one stop, before we even left Warsaw.
I think there are other factors that affect this too. for example a ticket from Lublin to Warsaw East costs the same as to Warsaw Central and Warsaw West, so people probably just take the most they can for the same price. I think that's what happened about my seat

@Pasty thing is they reserve for free and pay for what they use, I think. it's included in their monthly suburban transport ticket or something like that. so if they don't know which train they'll be taking they can just reserve all of them

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