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Michał Sidor (Michcioperz) @Michcioperz@niu.moe

@cwebber @puckipedia like how Pleroma folks are running Mastodon's frontend on Pleroma, except you'd like it through AP's client API and not Mastodon's
yeah that would be fun to see

@sir hey, my roommate won some stickers you may be interested in [remixing obviously] niu.moe/media/_CQDUPT7U7Q0ZL2O

@quad @rx14 @sir my highly techy high school's computer science classroom had winxp until last year

@sir @Wolf480pl is this really all you know about it? we've been curious all morning

@quad @eal >unable to login with cookies disabled
isn't that how internet works

@Wolf480pl anything goes as long as you get me to reply in the next public post

@Wolf480pl through email and hope of getting a public respons3

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who sells .net domains cheapest of them all?

Last night I figured out I need an outlet for thoughts other than social media so now there's volatile.meekchopp.es/ which is a single Atom feed
For all of you who are in the wrong (i.e. using Chrome) I'm working on an XSLT that should transform it into a nice HTML

I just checked and can't connect to BTM server today either
I guess I'll just go back to sleep

enough social media for the day, time to go back to sighing

this is me whenever i witness an ending to a story that at the same time is good and hurts my feelings

excuse me while i remain in the state of internal crying for the next 2 weeks

Turns out the Matrix voip isn't that bad. (Trying it out because of Discord shenanigans)