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Michał Sidor (Michcioperz) @Michcioperz@niu.moe

@sir hey, my roommate won some stickers you may be interested in [remixing obviously] niu.moe/media/_CQDUPT7U7Q0ZL2O

I rejected asie's offer to watch the old anime together at AsiePro because, uhh
I think I didn't understand the series description
This is my reaction now after watching what's available of the new series niu.moe/media/WYx9EG0VYxqWI59G

I was actually ready to make it but effort (also I should do homework right?) niu.moe/media/SmBEL2KCFEe-un0c

I was scrolling through Android dev settings and found this niu.moe/media/nqoP9Cz1biISR3ro
We need this but for Electron desktop apps

I mean, there's nothing wrong with Adventures of God but Merry's stories on the contrast are ughhh (nothing personal it's just not my thing) niu.moe/media/mJTOwdfmeCaGpAOT

It's that time of the day again when Line Webtoons are trying to get me to change pronouns

Today in cool playlist cover art we have this starlit sky, except I didn't wait for the render to finish, leaving this heavily unpolished feeling niu.moe/media/u8bonZ8KtVNDnuXq