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Michał Sidor (Michcioperz) @Michcioperz@niu.moe

wtf why is that jester omg
okay tootdon is questionable
abandon the app

Here, have a proof that NoScript people are objectively better programmers than the rest (don't take it too seriously) niu.moe/media/wHLYCg6KmsRQJx2M

why drop everything and disappear into a hut in the mountains when you can drop everything and disappear into space niu.moe/media/z2NY07BffdD1ccOa

@sir hey, my roommate won some stickers you may be interested in [remixing obviously] niu.moe/media/_CQDUPT7U7Q0ZL2O

I rejected asie's offer to watch the old anime together at AsiePro because, uhh
I think I didn't understand the series description
This is my reaction now after watching what's available of the new series niu.moe/media/WYx9EG0VYxqWI59G

I was actually ready to make it but effort (also I should do homework right?) niu.moe/media/SmBEL2KCFEe-un0c

I was scrolling through Android dev settings and found this niu.moe/media/nqoP9Cz1biISR3ro
We need this but for Electron desktop apps