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Michał Sidor 🐋 @Michcioperz@niu.moe

why decide between a sandwich, a burger and a hotdog when you can just

I guess it's about time to calm down about the github acquisition eh? niu.moe/media/t-OQQS2qpiOxGy2C

a universal truth from today's Darling in the Franxx special episode

oh cool minidlna worked pretty out of box on alpine

I re-created my travel plans to manage to drop by my flat to pickup these beauties to make my way home optimally comfy but as it turns out Windows Media Player is no longer a reliable CD ripper and instead activates my CPU's Death by Syscall trap card

one workspace is mine, the other @Wolf480pl's. guess which is which

I'll never get bored of federated avatars mess

here's the chart btw, and the straight line without datapoints during the summer holidays is when I ditched my old broken phone for a Nokia so I didn't measure stuff but I'm pretty sure the bump would only be higher if I did

there's youtube and copyrights and then there's youtube and copyrights

According to @Wolf480pl this pancake looks like Docker

♪ ever on and on I continue circling ♪

okay who wants a good domain name for their fediverse instance? just gonna leave this here

I try to avoid blocking people for bullshit reasons but I have my limits too

bonus round: which one do I fav if I want to fav from niu

I swear the best part of mobile Wikipedia app is the tabs

Well, obviously they instance block each other before launching a FUD campaign about the other bands