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Michał Sidor 🐋 @Michcioperz

If you're knowledgable about ActivityPub, Mastodon, Pleroma and such, and want to contribute to Wikipedia, I think they're missing stuff en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparis

@Michcioperz @Maltimore

Friendly reminder that primary sources are not allowed on Wikipedia. You have to blog about it and then link to your blog.

The purpose of wikipedia is not to find the truth; it is to cite what has been published.

@kai @Michcioperz Ah, a wikipedia hater I see ;)
Sure wikipedia isn't perfect but I don't understand the hate

@Maltimore @kai I think W3C documents work as sources on Wikipedia, so at least ActivityPub can be done

@Maltimore @Michcioperz I prefer to refer to myself as a Wikipedia *educator*. Calls to contribute can be misinterpreted as a request for primary source documentation. People just don't know.

@kai @Maltimore This is something I actually didn't consider when tooting that in the beginning

@kai @Michcioperz Wait so you were actually serious? "you need to blog about it and then link to your blog" sounds pretty ironic

@Michcioperz @kai i mean i didn't know blogs were acceptable sources