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Michał Sidor 🐋 @Michcioperz

I was gonna ask here how the Apple thing went but I think I'm in a pretty biased bubble

@Michcioperz well, they might have do great things in terms of marketing, that true :D

But the 8 might look less attractive than the 7 xD they are mostly the same but qi charge/heavier for the 8.

@Michcioperz I'mma waiting for AOSP to have proper pencil support, would be amazing.

@Michcioperz FWIW from an Apple fan: I'm more excited by the OS updates announced at WWDC. Other than the X, today's new announcements felt mostly incremental. As for X: Microsoft beat Apple to the punch on FaceID, and while I'm relieved Apple's implementing Qi (rather than a proprietary solution) it's hard to get excited about well-established tech.

@tojikomori Thank you for this summary, it's probably most of what I thought myself.