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The issue I have is once I've found time to implement AP I've also suddenly become crushed with other things to do like a small paid job, a game jam ending tomorrow, and reformatting a zine for ebook readers

Michał Sidor 🐋 @Michcioperz

Also I gotta re-read the section on auth(oriz|entic)ation

@eal @Michcioperz everyone knows you're supposed to use curly braces and double longbars though

@ivesen @eal I'd say Rust is too much for embedding, regexp are just fine though

@Michcioperz @eal I was thinking bash syntax but ok

I re-read it and still not a clue, time to set up a local Pleroma and a local Mastodon and a whatever else and watch them talk

Correction: time for that will be later duh