Michał Sidor 🐋

I was going to get some work done tonight but instead started watching a fresh documentary on how The Witcher games came into existence (it's in Polish but I heard something about English subtitles) youtube.com/watch?v=g18GgD-SNz

Now that was a really nice watch but I'd now like to bash Mr. Miąsik for only talking about talking about dark sides of CDPR instead of talking about dark sides of CDPR.
I've heard of the crunch culture there but I feel like he just self-promoted by mentioning it like this.
(Disclaimer: he was in jury at Imagine Cup a few years ago and they picked my entry, a game, to pieces. Also I don't agree with him politically.)

It was brought up by @redsPL over IRC that this toot is hard to understand.
Mr. Miąsik says in the film there were bad things happening at CDPR. He also mentions that he's talked about these things.
That feels kinda FUD when he could've, like, just mentioned a few examples.

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