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if I happen to toot that "thing X is a fucking mistake and irredeemably sucks" please link me this toot

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I was planning to use this time off fedi to write a fedi implementation that can run on Google Cloud just for lolz and to have an absolutely reliable alt but ehh

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also did you know LOTRO is a little bit laggy on ultra high quality if you downclock your six-core pre-Ryzen AMD down to 800 MHz

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I just thought I'd drop by because my main is stuck in a database migration

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Poll: Why are you still following this account?

This account is no better, and @Michcioperz isn't quite either I guess? I don't wanna post anywhere on fedi

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Just so you know my account is gone and not coming back and its Mastodon followers probably got the memo but Pleroma followers never will due to the fact the whole Pleroma down there is down and I sent the memo out through an ugly hack which doesn't really work with blind key rotation and stuff

totally worth those 5 toots I wouldn't have seen otherwise though

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I figured out why I was suddenly following people I weren't following
this isn't my current account wtf is this tab doing here

how the fuck do i leave github when gitlab is a fucking js mess
github at least lets me read the README and file contents in a text browser without js

I should really get me one of these usb things that can store ssh/gpg keys

was gonna rewrite libnotify to use i3-nagbar instead of dbus and whatever is sitting on the other side
but dunno

my favourite part of the fediverse is when I accidentally interact with English-speaking people using my explicitly Polish account (because Pleroma shows more stuff than Mastodon)

went to a metalecture about electives and suddenly I'm considering putting ck patches on my kernel

okay Forza Horizon 4 what the fuck?
is this The Crew but with a much smaller country so the fortune spent on development actually means something? nice to see quickchat too
too bad my PC can barely run FH3 at lowest reqs, so even if they put it up on Win10, I can't play

i find it vaguely funny that i read an article "everything bethesda has any chance of announcing at this e3" yesterday and it seems everything turned out true including Skyrim for smart fridges

why decide between a sandwich, a burger and a hotdog when you can just

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !