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Michał Sidor (Michcioperz) @Michcioperz@niu.moe

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When considering following me please consider the fact that I write a lot more on @Michcioperz now

@sir hey, my roommate won some stickers you may be interested in [remixing obviously] niu.moe/media/_CQDUPT7U7Q0ZL2O

Mirror mirror on the wall
Who sells .net domains cheapest of them all?

Last night I figured out I need an outlet for thoughts other than social media so now there's volatile.meekchopp.es/ which is a single Atom feed
For all of you who are in the wrong (i.e. using Chrome) I'm working on an XSLT that should transform it into a nice HTML

I just checked and can't connect to BTM server today either
I guess I'll just go back to sleep

enough social media for the day, time to go back to sighing

this is me whenever i witness an ending to a story that at the same time is good and hurts my feelings

excuse me while i remain in the state of internal crying for the next 2 weeks

Turns out the Matrix voip isn't that bad. (Trying it out because of Discord shenanigans)

i went ahead and read up all the inuyashiki manga cause i couldn't wait for the anime and

oh composer

saturday sounds like a perfect day to follow my former business partner @glamhoth

what you refer to as Steam i've recently taken to calling "you have to STop buying games bEcause we didn't get devs to updAte pricing of half our daMn catalogue"

also you can now (most likely) hack the speakers in our flat with blueborne thanks to @Wolf480pl's most recent (perhaps first ever) aliexpress purchase

the name "how many feds" I was actually gonna use for something else, a website showing how many impls exist in various prog langs
but i couldn't get it done in less than 5 minutes so I dropped it

just had this idea based on a.weirder.earth/users/mykola/u
a website called "how many feds" listing all the "federation bots"
provided as a hidden service with SecureDrop set up for new submissions

Writing a CV in LaTeX for Google
Rumour has it there's one currvita template that's so popular at my uni department that recruiters recognize it as ours

I guess I'll stick around for a while longer
still find it funny how fast I went from "all socnets but fediverse are bad" to "all socnets are bad"

It's actually pretty hard to leave socnets, guess why
I mean, I did expect this, but not that much

the clouds on the steelbook's side make it look like it's scratched