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Michał Sidor (Michcioperz) ☑️ @Michcioperz@niu.moe

I just backed The Firelight Isle Volume 1: Heavenly Blue by @paulduffield on Kickstarter kck.st/2q6QVsb

cbfgf gung trg obbfgrq be snirq, urer be ryfrjurer, ghea onpx gb abezny, vg frrzf

so, who wants a follow from the rot13ing instance?

Okay one question how do I make sure there's no XSS

I'm receiving reports that a.nom.pl has successfully loaded The Thread

it would be more in @eal spirit for it to randomly damage posts with a cronjob but meh

right now I'm kidding but give me like 5 minutes once I'm home

introducing Bitrot, a Pleroma instance where MRF rot13s every post

The new #gmail announcement is 25.4 MB just to load the page (with javascript disabled)... I think that nicely outlines that #Google forgot what people loved them for...


The professional shitbag was right, Hinamatsuri seems like a nice anime

I really need to clean up my projects list, now that I think about it

I do however feel bad about seeding HorribleSubs, pretty much because of how they obtain their subs

Tbh I'm paying same money for Crunchyroll as the American users so I don't feel bad about pirating the shows they have in America but not here because they aren't legally available here anyway

Some important difficulties in making this work: the anime source I'm using is illegal (I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the previous iterations that have the same problem) and what we need here is probably a Rosetta Stone sort of thing for anime to translate between MAL, Kitsu and anime sites, but I'm not sure what to do with the illegal ones

Right now I have an Almquist shell that runs plenty of jq as well as both wget and curl
The end result will probably be something like a Go binary or maybe a Crystal binary if I'm bored enough

btw Persona 5 anime is kinda fun except for the parts like the ones that make Ace Attorney anime feel weird

You thought an IRC daemon would be the end to the saga of my anime players
But I'm making one for sneakernet now
Plug in a USB drive, mount it, run the app and it will grab you some anime from your MAL/Kitsu watching list and download it, so you can plug the USB drive into your TV and watch without wasting power on your computer
Or so it's supposed to work, I guess