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Michał Sidor (Michcioperz) @Michcioperz

@Wolf480pl Links don't work when put in CW field (well maybe nothing does)

@neon Oh wait it's suddenly gone now. Now I'm really confused. Sorry

@neon Hey, FYI I'm getting CSP warnings about CSS on your site.

Now excuse me while I copy-paste it onto my blog and call it a productive day.

You might look at it and think it's completely idiotic and ask why would anybody want this, but I have a Nokia E51 and I constantly run into websites that force HTTPS on everything and my phone doesn't understand either TLS or SNI (can't remember) so the only thing that works for me is Google, not even Wikipedia.
This is basically a soft redirect to HTTPS that should silently fail in case the browser is not capable of supporting your HTTPS.

Just made a proof-of-concept-ish of soft HTTPS enforcement without JavaScript. Imagine an empty CSS file at /.well-unknown/cryptolocker with HSTS and immutable in Cache-Control. Place <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://yourdomain/.well-unknown/cryptolocker"> in your documents. Once it loads, the whole domain will pick up HSTS, but only if the browser was capable of loading it at least once.

@sir Where were you when I needed somebody to side with me at my internship where TortoiseHg is a necessity

@neon Yeah, if not for the theme it would be a pretty generic moe slice of life

This might not be the most quality idea and I know Kadokawa already rejects new isekai suissions as they are but how about *nested isekai*

@neon @Gargron They do have different goals, Rust wants to be as safe as imaginably possible, and Go wants to be good for everything and easy to understand. Both things' toolchains enjoy enforcing their views.
What I meant regarding C is Rust is designed as compatible with C, while Go creators say you should avoid interfacing C to make best use of their tools.

@Gargron @neon Rust doesn't have a garbage collector, and Rust is meant to interoperate with C well, while Go is more willing to replace it and doesn't like interfacing it.

@neon It's pretty fast. It compiles. The builtin HTTP framework was good enough for me to write a file hosting with it pretty fast. It has a pretty nice toolchain. It can use C libraries, but you shouldn't. The inter-process communication is pretty cool, but you shouldn't jump into goroutines from the start if you don't really need them. Also I think I'm obsessed.

@Pasty nope sorry I only have LINE Telegram Signal WhatsApp Facebook Discord Wire.......