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Michał Sidor (Michcioperz) @Michcioperz@niu.moe

a friend was supposed to buy train tickets for us both for today. at 2am it turned out he still hadn't so i ran to the trains website and bought a ticket

anyway the site has a terrible UX so i bought a ticket for 5am instead of 3pm

Every now and then I have a really nice chat with somebody about local IT events and about how disillusioned I've become with the industry the startup community, the miraculous blockchains, AIs, MLs, clouds.
And then I feel like starting a commune in the mountains never to be heard from again on the internet.
Or I feel like destroying the internet and everything around it, and restarting it.
I guess I'll go with the second option. Not now, probably, but one day it…


Dear Criterion Games,
please make crash animations shorter in the Burnout Paradise remaster. I love them as much as the next person, but they're tiring when repeated constantly.

Seems like I haven't pirated any anime in a month or so despite watching four and a half series every week. Nice.

However many meals last week had tomato sauce, it won't stop my craving for spaghetti.


@rx14 @angristan
1. learn to code with eyes closed
2. learn to code while asleep
3. ???
4. profit
5. buy a projector and watch anime on the ceiling while coding

@angristan @Michcioperz Your lifestyle is different and therefore I declare it incorrect and incabable of reason.

Just realized I could give my devices the .iscute.ovh suffix instead of .meekchopp.es and it would look way better.


@Dekken Yeah I couldn't decide whether Niu was True Neutral or Chaotic Good. Probably somewhere between, or both at the same time.

@Dekken Well, he is a celebrity in a way, as well a target of heavy memes of those who feel wronged by him.

I think I'd describe the current problem with the federation this way - masto . social is trying to be Lawful Good, GS instances are kinda Chaotic Neutral, and Niu is just True Neutral - and I think it's instances like Niu that work best for me and most people. But instead, people flock to the "official" instance.

I kinda liked running a Pleroma instance until it pulled in a whole discussion full of racial slurs because one of my friends had one toot in it
Does Pleroma still only implement blocking client side?

If I were running an instance I'd probably silence (that thing where you remove instance from public timeline? can't remember) half the GNUSoc and Pleroma side and probably more
So instead I'm planning to expand Volatile (my blog software) to become a single-user ActivityPub federated server, without a public timeline

Dear [certain] people of fediverse
Look, I know, Gargron this, Gargron that, masto dot soc this, but why do you keep complaining
I feel like everyone knows this already, and the people who don't won't get to know it from you, because you're muted or blocked or whatever

So, I tried GeForce Now thing to play Overwatch, because I felt like having a quick match without installing. And it went mostly well. Mostly.
Suddenly during a match the connection went dialup quality and it felt like watching a YouTube video at 14…


Of 5 weekdays that make up the break between the exams and the semester I spent 5 at my faculty. Nice.


I haven't posted in a while, so this post is gonna be a little longer than the usual stuff.
I had a technical role in Polish Olympiad in Informatics this year. This took most of this week, and it wasn't exactly fun - I was being trained to replace t…


@quad @angristan @Wolf480pl As Dymitri Kleiner said, what most people want isn't privacy but consent. Consent over who gets to see or use my data and for what purposes. And you can't have the possibility of consent without technical privacy implementations.