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MichaƂ Sidor (Michcioperz) @Michcioperz@niu.moe

And then I remembered it can't be a public repo cause I may or may not have a copy of aseprite there

I decided to make a bad decision of making my Arch repo public because havingacustomarchrepo.iscute.o

The Martian film was pretty quality entertainment for the 2 GBP I spent on the DVD purchase.

Who would have thought packing when moving is so hard?

I'd have taken but it was taken uhh
11 years ago.
And it's empty?

Hey remember Simple Web Policy I made up some time ago?
Now there's proper RDF schema for that simpleweb.iscute.ovh/ns.ttl although it might just be mediocre and need updates
And if you have comments and/or want to talk about those ideas, I registered -web channel on Freenode

This weekend I am moving to Warsaw for uni, huh

Thanks to @Wolf480pl being in the right place at the right time I now have a mattress which is a core ingredient to later crafting a bed in my flat.

It's pretty cool that if you speed up playback in mpv it will adapt the remaining time counter to show it in real seconds and not video seconds, while keeping the current time in video seconds

The power was out for several minutes so I watched an episode of Lain
oh no

@href @wxl Still interested in #bitlbee support for Mastodon? I know this thread is old, but still. :) I've been working on it, just in case you want to help test it. wiki.bitlbee.org/HowtoMastodon

I pretty much spent most of the day without a web browser running because my newly acquired ancient Intel Atom powered Acer Aspire One has 1 GB of RAM so I installed bitlbee

I mean, there's nothing wrong with Adventures of God but Merry's stories on the contrast are ughhh (nothing personal it's just not my thing) niu.moe/media/mJTOwdfmeCaGpAOT

It's that time of the day again when Line Webtoons are trying to get me to change pronouns

Say, I was just thinking can we replace W3C with something else? Maybe replace the whole organization every few years so they keep listening? (Don't mind me I'm sleepy)