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- updating bios : ✅
- updating charging firmware (??) : ✅
- updating TPM : ✅
- trying this bitlocker + pin thingy : ✅
- replacing the keyboard with FR one : ⬜

Old refurb hardware is funny uwu

Spanish (spain) friends, did ya know a refurb company that buy spare part ?
I have an old QWERTY ES fujitsu laptop on ly hands and can't really do much with it lol

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Guide masto, aide, :boost_ok: 

Salut la troupe

Il me semble que quelqu'un à fait un guide du débutant.e pour masto. Je cherche ça. Vous auriez des conseils SVP ?


Tfw you just dont want it to end in a bloodbath

> GNOME having it's whole UI scriptable using a widely known script lang
> GNOME had an event getting fired on mouse move for the scripting language
> GNOME removed it after testing the pros and cons finding no much use in the scripting environnement for the cost

As much as I can find GNOME bulky, yall too childish, aren't you ? :blobcatgoogly:


Bon on a pas gagné dans ma commune mais celle où j'vais habiter a une coalition eelv-fi au moins :blobcatunamused:

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Managed to host a static website on bunnycdn 😎
Yet first serving of file doesn't benefit at all from the cdn, but I can put media and whatever assets on it !


Bon paraît qu'on est bien partit pour garder le maire sortant :cirnocry:

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Quick reminder, the stream is still planned for 1700 UTC (1300 UTC-4; 1800 BST) today over @

Today we're going to fall down the trench that is planning the pinout and routing for the DDR3 cache for lethallink.

Please do stop by if you have a chance.

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Later today (CET) I will try to migrate this account to @Miaourt

Try to follow it if you're not automagically migrated (eg dunno if it work on Pleroma yet, and misskey/pixelfed likely don't)

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Jé fé un tableau pour le salon de coiffure de @lucie

Fais-toi couper les cheveux par @lucie , son skill éclipse les étoiles

#mastoart #art

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !