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this sentence feels english-wrong but I can't see errors...

I really need to spend some years oversea...

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Looping 45308 times a random OVERWERK album never get old in my ears for working

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I'm the only one strongly influenced by profiles pics ?

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This new avi give really another feel lol

Dgraph's Ratel is really cool, they sure taped into Neo4j clients uhuh

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Mais c'est génial ! Les Allemandes présentent la facture de leur travail domestique durant le confinement.
"je suis une mère et je suis une force économique et je veux être vue"
Les mamans françaises : chiche ?

I should stop at trying to have something federated from the ground up don't I ?

We have bats in our cave / garden and it's cool

hk pol 

> someone send me some stuff to read about another recent bad thing the the "pro-communist" in Hong-Kong did
> see they mostly refer, in fact, to the Pro-Beijing ones, which make sense given their position
> See that this group is occupied by only centrist and right-wing

*shocked* 😏

The old "communist" ones
The "pro-Beijing" group )

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !