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Ok found avi material that isn't Stocking

Covid, france, scawwy drones 

"Mais le monde social est comme un grand système d’autorisations différentielles. Les droits à dire, et surtout à être entendu, sont inégalement distribués. Ce qui est dit compte peu, et qui le dit beaucoup."

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Wonder if I will not use my somehow underpowered NAS as a minio server.

Like, running only N minio server, with N being the number of drives.

Should allow plenty of software to use the device, still keep a dead simple system (minio is basically key-value for the files, accessible trough the filesystem) and keep a certain redundancy in case of file issue / bitrot 👀

And in case I want to mount the drive, there a ton of stuff to mount S3 buckets

Suspecting most of the 5.5millions remaining to be mostly thumbnails and link-preview, that would be the next pass.

After that, I will scan the whole bucket for orphaned medias, that aren't referenced anymore in the database due to some migrations or errors :3

I do plan sending an email to say that people that haven't log-in in the past 6(/8/12?) months will see their accounts deleteds, and then remove the ones they followed, etc, leading to reduce even more the space used by niu (most of database/media is filled by dead accounts that are still subscribed to other active remote ones, leeching them all the day even when nobody consume it ;_;)

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Trying to slim down a bit

Since it's not gonna be gone as soon as I expected, better trying to squeeze it uwu

After deleting many remote accounts / instances that aren't alive anymore, time to squeeze objects a bit

Removing 2.5 million media (remote media, which would be redownloaded if necessary).
There are about 8 million media at the moment, for a total of 1.7TB 😓

Scaleway's Kapsule (managed Kubernetes) is now available for some dev instances, aka "only" 8€/month :blobcatthonking:

Spoil beastars 

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Je sais pas si je sur-interprète toujours les séries/animé s ou quoi mais j'ai du mal à analyser Beastars comme juste un zootopia-like aaaa

Wonder if NekoSock have share in IKEA to do as much advertisments for them since MONTHS

fr pol 

A partager durant cette période, pour celleux qui ont la chance de pouvoir rester chez eux dans de bonnes conditions, c'est l'occaz de rentrer dans le merveilleux monde du réseau salariat :blobcatheart:

(supprimé et reposté, suppression du lien vers Wikiversity qui semble pas si pertinent après relecture)

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