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I currently want to make a simple HTML page, like, only that

But I do wish to have some post-process goodness that NPM can bring, but configuring the whole stuff it a pain in the ass (and I really need :buncry: )

I also want static website without JS


Chirurgical sad? 

Bon je supprime c'est un peu tard et c'est mort de toute façon, on va annoncer que c'est cassé jusqu'à demain puis voilà :blobsweats:

Them: "Oh yes, we improved mobile network speed with a bunch of innovation that we called 5G!"

5G: *basically overclocked 4G with more antennas and energy put in the coils*

I'm really in love with Stripe's web design

It's... Smooth, Warm, Pro and... well, you feel secure :blobcatmeltthumbsup:

"Ce qui arrive quand les éboueurs arrêtent le travail, c’est qu’éclate enfin la vérité ordurière de la ville lumière."

"On dit pain à poutre, pas Poutine"

Y'en a parmis vous qui ont étudier comment faire cohabiter rivières / fleuves et barrages hydroélectriques ?

Also mmmh 19h battery, the back is thinkpad-ish but slimmy design uwu

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Everything is either in japanese or funny english, but funny english is enought as long technicals terms are rights lol.

Also, it's mostly bios or drivers that are like this...

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !