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Serverless is just a new name for modding amiright

Serious question to current IT engineers, IT engineers i' the end of their studies :
Do you like programming?

Like, typing code, doing the work to get the shit done, spending hours on an edge case, feeling put in the bottom of a big wall and falling quite an handful time before juste climbing it a bit?


Wondering if this could be exploited to have a VM with gapps in a fully isolated environement (or aleast one that isolate enought for automated spying) 👀


Context :
- Trump & co allowed the murder of a Iranian general with US drones
- Iran have somehow also other nations backing them
- If Trump & co continue to escalate the stuff this might not end well
- And right now ppl a memeing/discussing a lot on what will happend

I think the only stuff I hate the most in programming languages is them having truckload of signs instead of "simple" words for most stuff, and boilerplating.

Honestly, most stuff need tens of lines of boilerplate only to start writing your code lol

A day my English will improve and I will not have to rewind every 30 sec philosophytube or contrapoint videos aaaaa

Subtitles save me plz

Is there somewhere good indexes of C libraries, like, searchable too...

Memes Décentralisés c'est golden quand même xD

I still love reading thoses stories of old games lol

Optimization and genius ideas to make very pretty experience on cheap hardwares *w*

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