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Ultra comf, central driving, MEGA TINY so you can turn very fast and fit everywhere, charge very fast too, enough space for everyday moves


Hoping it will not end like the Mia Electric, born too soon, and with dumb marketing team thinking 100k would be enough to market it :blobcatsadlife:

This Sono car startup really start to be interesting, not that I'd like to buy a car at all for the moment, but they do take many points seriously like not putting really big battery in the car (waste af), solar powered (yes xD), quite compact for the big one it is, no options...

And now this cool reply that will sure interest our privacy enthusiasts friends :blobcat3c:

Let's see, still seem better than Elon's cars

Everyone laughed about Windows 10 being a "rolling" release that will never leave 10 even after years of updates

But we had "Operating System 10" aka OSX since 1997 lol

Licensing my softwares with CeCILL like a good baguette

How's Webkit mothership-calling wise?

45kilobytes gzipped is not what I call small bois

Rappel que quasi toute la société est religion et mythes :blobcatdab:

"La colère n'est donc pas une perte de sang froid, c'est l'affirmation d'une volontée"

What's wrong with JSON, why JSON-LD

Also don't look this redditor name

Wtf, be a little nice ppl 😤

Didn't knew all EU cars built after 2018 had SIM card and cellular data activated all the time in case we have an accident :blobthinking:

Never heard of that in privacy-centered activists groups lol


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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !