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Well uh, sorry, there will be a lot of internal server error today, but it should be usable from time to time

The issue is the internal firewall going crazy, it seem, and caddy doing nothing to prevent that... and well investigating investigating and waiting @thog to get home to help me ;w;

I hate firewalls too, thanks

At niu.corp, we have elegant fixes to everyday problems

If someone receive this, I'm doing a "get rid of caddy" emergency stuff, so niu might be down / quirky some time until it get fixed... still better than nothing I guess

Updating soon, don't be afraid if it go down for some seconds or minutes.

... There is 3 options :

1 I replace :bun: with its HD counterpart, so every :bun: would be hd, and the old bunny would be named "bunsd" for the legacy if you still want to see it

2 : I only add "bunhd" and you will have to type "bunhd" everytime to get the new version

3 : replace all buns with bunhd and only use the HD version of it, saying bye bye to the mush of pixels that :bun: is

(had to redo the post, to make it more clear)

Wanna replace :bun: with its HD version from @Feuerfuchs ( ), what niu think 'bout it?

Survey in the following post...

Saw some comparisons of "how girls/boys remove their shirts" , but they both use technic I never managed to achieve

I guess I'm genderless then

Ma manière de taper en français s'avère plus efficace avec Colemak qu'avec le Bépo, d'après :blobcatscared:


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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !