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Well uh, migrating to b2 might be more expensive than planned

Can't do cache infront an I would need to pull each file for 0,01$ per GB wich is expensive >.>

Gonna try EU wasabi then, maybe less buggy than US's one...

:blobcatsweat: :blobcatsweat: :blobcatsweat: :blobcatsweat: :blobcatsweat: :blobcatsweat:

( )

(it have been running since 2 days, so ~3days should be enough to have everything moved)

Uuuh, ~200GB out of ~500GB have been copied to new storage backend (Backblaze's B2)

I will wait for it to be even before switching to the new storage backend

Good new : fast as fuck media, no more delay for being put in cache (that why very new stuff get time before loading, right now)

Bad new : little bit more complex, but shouldn't cost much more, still need to thinker on it a bit

TIL that keycaps could be called in french "Cabochons"

Any cheaper built ergodox that isn;'t ergodox ez ?

Bjr, j'vais avoir un azerty pour le boulot, qui risque de durer longtemps.

J'aimerais me mettre pour l'occaz à un format plus ergonomique, cependant j'ai des conditions :
- J'tape fréquement en anglais ET en français.
- J'dois utiliser le layout ISO
- Si possible compatible linux et windows

Voilà voilà, je pensais au Bépo mais niveau anglais c'est bof, sinon au Qwerty canadien mais ça a l'air d'être une sacrée usine à gaz, et pas spécialement ergo. Aujourd'hui je suis sur le qwerty-fr qui est très pratique mais je tape à 2 doigts et c’est assez fatigant et lent (en plus d'être imprécis et mauvais pour la santé)

Rebuild a new version of niu, with lot of upstream's fixes

Hope the constant crash will not bother us again :o

I'm hitting the server hard to try to fix it don't worry

Ffs got woke up this morning by 80 "niu down, niu uo" monitoring aaaaa

Yay, nothing left, running normally now !

Time to start migrating some of the files o/

Well, still 150000 files, maybe an hour or two remaining...?

Half a million done until that, ETA 3h for normal service \o/

L'export Suisse qui repose sur 7,4% de sang humain :blobcatsweat:
(src )

Only less than 1Million stuff remaining in sidekiq, and federation should be fast again :3

reminder that niu will still be slow federating for hours

:blobcatsweat: (ok it's just a mii gunner skin, but cool !!)

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