@pony @quad well Zorin and Zorine are different pronunciation wise lol, only "Zor" stay the same, after that it's "in" of "in" and "ine" of "hinge"

@newt Europe isn't safer from corporate spying lol.

Dealing with some instant messagin hosting could be tedious, ofc is the goal of the company is to provide hosting / saas / etc, I might doubt their capacity if they invoke "not being able to host a rocketchat" tho lol

@newt depends where you live imho

Hosting your own stuff might ironically expose you more in certain areas... 😅

Any Scala amateurs there ? Especially with Play! Framework ?

I'm trying to make a route that act as a dumb reverse proxy, serving mostly static files from another backend, I quite need help since I need to deal with Scala code and I'm like a bit lazy and lost lol

Best crossover of the decade

"Raoul Hedebouw est l’invité de Denis Robert pour un TPA franco-belge spécial « Retraites »."


@Olivia just look at how some millennials today are lost and smug about tiktok I guess

@lain hey, 100% of the people who obtained something after asking asked :bunhdsmug:

@lis yeah codepen changes kinda fucked everything xD

re: niu.moe future, important² 

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Welcome to your niu world ! We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !