I quite like when compositor do alt version of their songs

Like, you have been so much used to the original, and they play well with it, disturbing your expectation of drops, intensity, etc, frustrating your brain and bringing you again the joy of listening to this :blobcatmelt: 🎶

Hey elixir nerds, how is elixir from an ocaml background?

Les électroniciens, ça s'appelle comment le mécanisme qu'on peut utiliser pour faire une roulette de souris ?

Le type de capteur j'entends :)

J'suis en train de voir comment bricoler des trucs, et les prix des composants, j'suis curieux :blob_laughing:

Nyan nyan, nyan nyan, ni hao nyan 🎶

Ça existe un matériau type latex mais biodégradable ?

@Madeorsk "parfaitement"

T'es pas sur le channel Telegram de dev toi xD

@sir I can understand the need of a good terminal in Windows, thus making this quite popular I guess

But even if we have more /native-ish/ pieces of software available and not less sexy

@Olivia and put octopus on your neighbors childs

This update is useful for this kind of content without any text to click on, on Mastodon's Web UI

💚 🚧
Everything is updated, enjoy the ability to click under and around the profile picture to select a toot in the webui !

(more details github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ )

Some other downtimes soon, brb !

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