@ocean @ocean plz ly shoes aren't that low-cost *aristocratic pout*

@OTheB @fluff I want decoration that allow you to close the window in red before saying its window 7

Niu.moe haven't changed server since 10months


@e @absturztaube Free anti-ddos, CDN of static files, anycast DNS, etc...

When > half the fedi go through CloudFlare :ablobsweats:


@redsPL then the sentence of "4/8chan is an incubator" is correct, why bother jumping on it?

Facebook can be incubator of many fascists too, we dislike it the same, but they do aleast some public fight against this oppression

If the /board/ is accepted by 4chan, they endorse it, while when Facebook or whatever notice some fascist organisations somewhere, they take it down.

So uh ya agree that your point isn't really valuable against the "4chan is an incubator"?

@redsPL well I guess this can be true, I don't know how this kind of website is managed, from the outside it only look like subforum of a "big forum"

@lumi we usually say "vous êtes tous mimi" instead

@lumi @duponin @Electron welcome, u don't exist in French, have a nice day

@redsPL oh ffs, 4chan is platforming for such king of content and isn't doing a shit about it, it is de facto an incubator for it, don't be blind and just open their /pol/ or whatever and you will not be able to say otherwise

It have nothing to do with "anime shitposting"

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