I like, have this spec (1) and uh, I don't understand what is "HelloWorld" (a class ? And object ?) and also how tf I do that in Crystal (or by extent, Ruby).

I understood "hello" is a method alas

(cc @steph @meow ;w; )

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Ok I think I can have a treat I'm doing a good job

Only 1 500 000 objects remaining on 8 000 000 2 days ago.

It's remote stuff, not locale niu user files

Right now I'm deleting tens of orphaned files (on the bucket, but anywhere to be found on the database), so It might get even lighter ❤️

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Covid, france, scawwy drones 

Trying to slim down a bit

Since it's not gonna be gone as soon as I expected, better trying to squeeze it uwu

After deleting many remote accounts / instances that aren't alive anymore, time to squeeze objects a bit

Removing 2.5 million media (remote media, which would be redownloaded if necessary).
There are about 8 million media at the moment, for a total of 1.7TB 😓

A partager durant cette période, pour celleux qui ont la chance de pouvoir rester chez eux dans de bonnes conditions, c'est l'occaz de rentrer dans le merveilleux monde du réseau salariat :blobcatheart:

(supprimé et reposté, suppression du lien vers Wikiversity qui semble pas si pertinent après relecture)

Help, birb harmed 

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