@Miaourt That's why you should host everything yourself.

(so that your mails will be marked as spam, but that's irrelevant :geblobcatshrug:)

@ayo @Miaourt Not really that hard to get your emails to pass the weak requirements to not get auto marked as spam by microsoft/google etc.

@Rude @ayo yeah, it's not thaaaat hard, but currently I'm not ready for it

Waiting for github.com/foxcpp/maddy to mature and maybe I will switch to a selfhosted one uwu

@ayo this is @Miaourt we're taking about

messages are already being sent to spam

@Miaourt @ayo :blobcatfearful: im sorry meowie im not actually marking you as spam that was a joke :blobcatnotlikethis:

@subleq @ayo dw x') I meant I'm not even sending mails so how could I spam

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