Linux users, do you know any software that allow me to take pictures and it automatically resize it / focus on the paper to make a proprer "scanned" version of it ?

Like, something that do it fast, I could use any image editing software I know, but that not the goal.

... for thoses who give me image edition software, here's WIndows 10's camera in action, doing what I'm seeking as free software

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@Miaourt imagemagick is a suite of image editing tools that work on the command line. Might be what you need?

@Miaourt Oh you mean being able to SPOT images of pieces of paper somewhere in a photograph? No idea there. I just drag a box around what I want.

@Miaourt Not sure what you mean by “focus on the paper” because any software can only operate on files, unless you mean scanner/camera operating software?

As for resizing, ImageMagick is the most popular I think: $ convert -resize 1024x1024 something_big.jpg something_small.jpg

There’s also netpbm if you prefer pipes and such: $ anytopnm something_big.jpg | pamscale -xyfit 1024 1024 | pnmtojpeg > something_small.jpg

@subleq interesting :blobeyesdown: could be a nice component of it

Now maybe some machine learning could help cutting the nice part of the photo


When I need a "scanner" I use an android app Tiny Scanner. It's ad-filled freemium, and not best in class, but I don't need it very often so I deal.

Aside from that? I've never needed a desktop version, so haven't looked.

It could be a decent starting point on though.

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