Why can't we dev on ipads ffs

@robflop my new surface go 2 is too... but heck windows suck at touch OS

@Miaourt@niu.moe Dunno about the Surface but my 2-in-1 XPS 13 is doing beautifully well with touch and stylus. Though that does get me to wonder.. how would developing work with a touchscreen?

@robflop oh, not for dev

I mean, if ya in apple ecosystem, working on documents / taking notes is really really cool

On windows it, uh, take more time, and stuff closed themselves or bump out of sight for misregistered touch inputs xD

@Miaourt@niu.moe Ahh, got a bit confused there. I can imagine iPad stuff being better at that, yea, though imo Windows works just fine. Though I can't make a comparison as I've not used Apple products.

@Miaourt because apple doesnt believe in free software

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