I'm not even close to a v0.0.1 that I'm worried about implication of a such software

I mean :
- Allow multiple fedi instance on same hardware with dedup
- Allow very powerful graph operations on the data
- Kinda theoretically indefinitely scalable

Centralizing fedi doesn't seems like a cool goal, but seeing how many badly maintained instances there is, and how many "hosted" one are livings, I don't see much difference for those that wish to be hosted /somewhere/

And nothing prevent selfhosting it too

But still :blobcatgoogly: feels like there is some sort of "obligation" to make something as hard as possible to centralize...

@quad something that might never reach v0.0.1 as I said

But mostly some fedi software that I try to cook

@Miaourt Nice, more fediverse software is always cool
@Miaourt > Allow multiple fedi instance on same hardware with dedup
risky. if your software has a bug that allows a bad actor to follow someone without permission, they may gain access to private posts that have not reached their "instance"

@michcio Sure

That why graphdbs make it such a breeze to check this kind of issue

Also, when I meant "same hardware", I mean that the software itself will act like, uh, nginx ? By listening to X hostname.

I mean, even in today decentralized stuff there's been a lot of episodes of leaking private stuff. I think graph operation being such a breeze to check many conditions will make it easy

tl;dr : that somehow a risk I'm willing to take

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