Trying to slim down a bit

Since it's not gonna be gone as soon as I expected, better trying to squeeze it uwu

After deleting many remote accounts / instances that aren't alive anymore, time to squeeze objects a bit

Removing 2.5 million media (remote media, which would be redownloaded if necessary).
There are about 8 million media at the moment, for a total of 1.7TB 😓

Suspecting most of the 5.5millions remaining to be mostly thumbnails and link-preview, that would be the next pass.

After that, I will scan the whole bucket for orphaned medias, that aren't referenced anymore in the database due to some migrations or errors :3

I do plan sending an email to say that people that haven't log-in in the past 6(/8/12?) months will see their accounts deleteds, and then remove the ones they followed, etc, leading to reduce even more the space used by niu (most of database/media is filled by dead accounts that are still subscribed to other active remote ones, leeching them all the day even when nobody consume it ;_;)

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Ok I think I can have a treat I'm doing a good job

Only 1 500 000 objects remaining on 8 000 000 2 days ago.

It's remote stuff, not locale niu user files

Right now I'm deleting tens of orphaned files (on the bucket, but anywhere to be found on the database), so It might get even lighter ❤️

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#niu & death 

#niu & death 

#niu & death 

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