When yall have flu how long does it last usually ? ._.

So according to yall inputs It might last 5 more days aaa

Started sneezing a bit wednesday and almost died yesterday evening and now I'm... quite normal, no more pain in the body and no more 39°, just a little sensitive in the head to sounds or sudden movements...


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@Miaourt about a week in total, with the first couple of days being the worst.
@Miaourt I had it last friday and only since yesterday I'm starting to feel better

@Miaourt depends
make sure you're getting enough water and salt

I like to make a little drink with

@p_ Yeah, felt that, dehydration was stronk lol

@Deiru :blobsweats: there is like 11 peoples in France having it, the probability to catch it in my tiny town is thin...


the less evil kind, three or four days.

the more evil variant that can kill you can run up to two weeks.

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