@Miaourt docker something something systemD Linux good luck bro ;_;
@steakwipe @Miaourt sudo I guess I probably won't get puss anytime soon so whatever
@Nonetrix @Miaourt sudo then whats the problem beating off must be awesome for you
@Nonetrix @alyx @Miaourt all my pirated shit is on a bigass exfat partition i did not forget
@alyx @Miaourt @steakwipe I've never used fat though but it's Microsoft and old as heck so it's probably even worse
@Nonetrix @Miaourt @steakwipe
>never used fat

But if you've ever had a smartphone with SD card, you probably used fat32 without even knowing, because that's what they used to use to format them.
@Nonetrix @Miaourt @steakwipe
Fat32 is at least compatible with every device out there. NTFS, not so much.
@Nonetrix @Miaourt @alyx i said i was kinda gay like 10 mins ago

your move
@Nonetrix @Miaourt @steakwipe
I think fat16 is also pretty compatible, but haven't heard it being used since forever. Not sure about win95, but I know for sure win98 already transitioned to fat32 as the preferred fs.
@alyx @Nonetrix @Miaourt my nerd life started with win3.1 and then 95 and then my uncle was a crypto guy at MS who helped make win2k awesome

he is the guy who was like fuck this shit use linux
@alyx @Miaourt @Nonetrix aw fuck i sounded reasonably informed pretend i just said dicks like 9 times instead
@steakwipe @alyx @Miaourt lol a lot of ex Microsoft employees use windows probably also why wine is so good
@Nonetrix @Miaourt @alyx nerds that think its still 2005 think ms is bad and trying to hurt linux

you guys are stupid tehy know linux rocks its why you can install several distros from the app store, install an xserver and run linux shit on windows
@steakwipe @Miaourt @alyx that's technically hurting the Linux desktop but they have improved a lot
@Nonetrix @Miaourt @alyx i dont give a shit i just like firing shots

and its fun to uname -a on windows

also sayin windows is good makes you guys keep thinking im a retard which is important
@steakwipe @Miaourt @Nonetrix
I've encountered a bit of 95, but mostly I used 98, ME, 2000, XP, 7, 8, 10.
@alyx @Nonetrix @Miaourt ntfs is how you install the superior linux distro

T'as pas de système d'init mais tu démarres ton truc avec un.

Sympa :p

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