Dart is the C# of Google amirite

@Miaourt it's much worse. Kotlin is the C# of Google and like most of the most successful things Google showcases, it's not something they came up with.

@hellpie but Dart is machine code, JS is interpreted

@Miaourt what's the difference if the developer experience is shit? Most of Dart libraries require Flutter now, a lot of stuff is missing, incomplete, dumbed down to where it's just better to fork the repo and incurr in maintenance costs in time and resources than rely on stuff that sucks for the developer. The language is nothing exceptional, the concept is stale, boring, exists already in a fuckton of langs, the syntax is lacking, lazy, rushed as every experiment Google turned into a product, it's just unenthusiastic experience coming from Kotlin, Java, C++, C# etc.
@Miaourt sorry I replied to the wrong post there. Web interface sucks at that. I meant to say that to the Kotlin post. I said it's not from Google, they just took it under their wing and cockblocked it from evolving into newer JVM bytecode or better Native support by basically force feeding it into Android which stops at JVM8 years after it got obsoleted.
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