Monoliths are cool for simplicity of deployment

Microservices are cool to scale

What if we could make some kind of monoliths made of microservices with internal communication protocol that can be used in a microservices way...

@loki I was more imagining a single binary lol

@Miaourt microservice are actually not cool for massive scale.
Monolith issue is that people doesn't understand how to make it scale.

@Fran I mean, it's easier for many people to work on it (as long as you have clear spec of what is each apis supposed to do), you can spawn more "instances" of each, if you use some kind of messaging system you can virtually scale processing stuff indefinitely until the bottleneck is the messaging, etc :o

Must admit today most of the stuff that might work well in tiny well made native code are done in horizontaly scaled ugly script but that not the issue there lol

@Miaourt you are actually gonna run into network management issue if you create too many micro services for an app that end up too complex

@Fran sure, but sysadmins are never a bad things

@Miaourt that weird because I am starting to think there is a clear misunderstanding of what kills your application scalability.
Like... Dev don't understand their tools, and sysAdmin don't understand how to mesure the issue and report it properly

@Fran my first post was just about a potential tool that would merge the benefits of microservices and monoliths, that would be really useful for fedi software, like having a big monolith for tiny servers or plenty of tiny components on adapted systems for bigger ones.

Not sure to understand where you trie to steer the conversation to :blobsmilesweat2:

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