Never understood this :

- It's innefficient, by removing daily the protective layer (hydrolipidic film) your body react and start mass producing it, making you feel "dirty" way faster. Same apply for hair, with the sebum layer protecting them.
- The body layer protect you from many diseases by killing it on the surface.
- If you use soap everytime, your skin will suffer a lot, going dry, might rach
- it's consuming hella lot of energy and money.

In the end, it take time, it's an economical issue, its no really wise to consume a lot of water / energy heating it, it make no sense sanitary wise (if not worse), cause skin issues, and you will look dirty as fast as when daily doing it.

You can achieve, sanity and look wise, the same stuff by combing your hair frequently ("spreading" the sebum that make your hair look dirty) and washcloth in sensible areas (crotch and armpit mostly, and if you want to mess with you face with cream and stuff you can do the face too lol)

:ablobcatheart: take care of yall

(this ofc doesn't apply if you do really dirty job / specific conditions, but you might skip on some soap sessions then uwu, also I'm not a dermatologist lol)

6 years not using soap anymore, my skin never has been so smooth as now !

I stopped using soap after I read a blog post about it. But I continued taking shower almost everyday. First week is the hardest because your skin continues to produce a lot of body layer and you feel unclean. After one week the skin regulates itself and then you feel ok. Red spots : gone, itching : gone, bad smell : gone (bad smells come ways later than when using soap). I use soap only for hands or after specific dirty work. You spare money and don't pollute water. Only good

@Miaourt I feel better taking a shower every other day because my natural oils feel icky after enough buildup.

@Paradox yeah, and taking shower daily increases the rate of production, making it icky really fast x)

It's a vicious cycle

@Miaourt I know washing your hair daily fucks it up so that's why I don't shower daily. On the rare occasion I do shower two days in a row, it's either the peak of summer or I've done some manual labor on what would be a shower free day.

@Miaourt there seem to be different cultures regarding showers. From a Brazilian, I learned that by showering with hot water you dissolve more oils from your skin than when showering cold. Brazilians apparently take mostly cold, short showers, especially in summer (obviously they need that more than here in our subtropical climate).

@daniel_bohrer well, you do, all oily stuff get carried easily with hot stuff :3

The point with oil there was that removing often the "protective oil" from you body cause you all thoses side effects.

Yeah, tbh I'm more ranting against most western-ish way of showering, and how it'd slowly becoming worse and worse with more and more ppl taking showers daily... 😰

@Miaourt Yeah, I understood that. You did good. :) It doesn't seem to be that well-known of a fact in the Western world that showers can be bad for your skin too.

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