Now that I have unlimited anime access is there something that went out the past 3 years that I mustn't miss?

Dr Stone (who just finished the first season)
Sword Art Online (and after)
Lastman (not really anime, french production, but good)
Black Clover
Food War
The Ancient Magus Bride

@Miaourt sorry, I don't remember all well…
a bit more :

Made in Abyss
My Hero Academia

In fact, I'm not in charge of anime, so next time I see my friend with his huge collection, I will pick more titles. ^^

モブサイコ100 II (2019)
宇宙よりも遠い場所 (2018)
グラゼニ (2018)
少女終末旅行 (2017)
宝石の国 (2017)

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