Browsers have the ability to run a whole os but still don't provide native datepicker, smh

(ok, chrome does)

@Miaourt Well, it's in my TODO to provide them in webkitgtk, it's basically the only kind that it's missing… (at least as far as shows them)
@Miaourt I would prefer to have it done in Gtk (the plus got dropped btw), like the rest is.
And well I have the skills for it (it's just basic C++, widgets are already there IIRC), just need the time to dig in a bit large codebase and submit proper commits.
@Miaourt Well I'm quite low on energy lately but got some time so I think I could do it in the upcoming days, also I'm familiar enough for myself in WebKit and GTK but not so much for mentoring/guiding.
But would definitely try another time, webkit got a bunch of stuff where it could be improved and experimented on.

One where I'm very unfamiliar with is gamepad and similar inputs but might be my webkit build which prevents it to be active (it's pretty restrictive, I'm not a huge fan of most recent addition to the standards).

OS support isn't native either yet though... Get on it W3C :ablobcatbongo:

@Miaourt my watch is running a full os but doesn't provide access to pornhub

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