@Miaourt what's that song? (of course it's Darude - Sandstorm. but what else?)

@sofia It's a song that we sing in protest recently.

"On est là, on est là ! Même si Macron ne le veut pas, nous on est là ! Pour l’honneur des travailleurs et pour un monde meilleur ! Même si Macron ne le veut pas, nous on est là !"

As far as I searched it originated in some sport supporters, and then reused by rail workers union during a protest, and adapted for the current situation with this current version x)

@Miaourt ah thx. :)

(i knew it had something to do with memes and macarons! 🤔)

@sofia it's not really meme-ish tho, ppl die everyday from theses politics :c

@Miaourt yeah, i just made fun of the fact i don't know french..

state politics is murderous garbage. but also i don't really know what's up in french politics so maybe i shouldn't talk about it.. <_<

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