Niu isn't exposed to the big wave since registrations are closed :blobcatdab:

For people that wonder what big wave : Twitter have been a dick again, in India this time, so many personalities switched to fedi

And for niu closed registration : too much work, new people involve a lot more moderation, and niu is big enough to already have too much to do

@Miaourt :blobcatdab: dab on the banned :blobfoxdab:

(((well i was from a wave of bans in 2018 but shh)))

@Miaourt have you considered opening them? Even for the time being.

@Miaourt mhm? is there a bot register wave thingy happening again?

@Miaourt C'est calme, la nouvelle vague est limitée a quelques instances indiennes et à m.s

@Miaourt so does that mean you'll not accept new people anymore?

@Chandlerbong it's been invite only since months lol, anyone can invite a friend if they want

@Miaourt maybe auto remove accounts that was not active for 2 years

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