Me "Waoh, software efficiency, tiny software stacks, simple design"

Also me : "Waoh a Javascript Framework that can do "Native" and website in such tiny lines of codes"


@Miaourt You became the very thing you swore to destroy

@hellpie nah, both stuff live in parallel

I'm still interested in the first but sadly my skill only get me in reach of the later uhuh

@Miaourt imagine using your skill to improve your skill so that you can reach the former as well

@hellpie sadly work ask me to do even more silly stuff so no time for that lol

I'm not that fan of developers stuff to to it much in my free time sadly

But I'm trying to do stuff uwu, we will see, maybe someday

@Miaourt best of luck <3
hopefully you'll find free time to rediscover development as a hobby :)

@Miaourt Be like me: Write your own software inefficiency framework.

(Actually the one I am working on at the moment is not that bad but wait for it)

@S18alg my wish is to write as few code as possible tbh :abunhdcry:

@Miaourt Writting framework isn't that much code :p

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