Gonna swap media backend, you might have missing media for some time (days ?) until everything catch up, but 580GB out of 600 is already copied into the new backend

Since it's really hard for a copy program to follow the constant flow of new media, it's better to stop it right now and let it copy the remaining stuff while it's not moving, and the new media will be uploaded to the new backend.

The only issue so far is that deletion of media you posted before this post might not be took into account, since it will be copied back, please notify me if you see something that should be deleted and that... isn't :3

(short downtimes expected)

Cheer !

This should be done, enjoy faster uploads and media ?! :blobcatsweat:


Actually, what you should expect is "newly posted" media to be way faster, because they will reach the CDN way faster... well ya see

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