Uuuh, ~200GB out of ~500GB have been copied to new storage backend (Backblaze's B2)

I will wait for it to be even before switching to the new storage backend

Good new : fast as fuck media, no more delay for being put in cache (that why very new stuff get time before loading, right now)

Bad new : little bit more complex, but shouldn't cost much more, still need to thinker on it a bit

(it have been running since 2 days, so ~3days should be enough to have everything moved)

@Miaourt that's a lot of :bun: i wonder how many :bun: toots there is on niu

@Ste1lar actually there isn't even 1MB of buns in the storage backend, they all lie inside the database :3

The storage backend is for emojis (the img), avatars, videos, gifs, images, musics...

@Miaourt Thanks for all your efforts @Miaourt ! Keep up the good work ​:blobcatscience:​​:blobcatcool:

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