Fedora 31 will have some nice improvements for people that are weary of the quite slow dnf/rpm performance, everything will be compressed with zstd level 19 now, rather than xz, resulting in better compression level (less to download) and huuuuuge decompression speed :blobcatmelt:

Like a 1,6GB archive is decompressed in 1m38s with XZ, and in 7,7s (!!!) with zstd lvl 19

Also RPM 4.5 give some tiny improvements but not that huge ofc

@Miaourt Better compression level and faster decompression? :o zstd is amazing.

On their test a xz -2 ???
191105536 node-v10.13.0.tar (183M)

xz -2 28823924 (real 0m16,948s)
zstd -19 23111853 (real 0m55,211s)
xz -9 20367892 (real 1m30,959s)

A significant difference for bandwidth and slower on ADSL

zstd -d node-v10.13.0.tar.zst (real 0m0,466s)
xz -d node-v10.13.0.tar.xz (real 0m2,259s) -9 version

Decompression really fast only a pain at first system install. Even ARM are really fast for this task.
In my case it will be slower due to greater download time.

@popolon well, no ?
All the archives will be smaller, they use level 19 of zstd which result in smaller binary sizes than what's currently in use (xz -2).

So in your case, it will reduce the download time, and maybe you will win less on the decompression time if your system is that performant as you said, but for others its an huge leap :3


ah ok. arch use xz -7 (I thought it was -9) by default (20750220 in previous case, about the same time for decompression than -9 one one single test). Generally -9 is slower, but the time of decompression of 20MB is too fast here.

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