Me right now looking at all the Macron sticker I sent

I need te replace's mascot with a Macron sticker

@raiaantalus @Mitsuuu @Miaourt wel tbh concidering our instance I think that pleinair will be better (mascot for Nippon Ichi Software)

@Miaourt sounds like a great april fools day idea

It’s just a prank, right bro? Right?

@Miaourt hm... Why "russian"? Because of Pavel Durov? Durov and Russia are literally not compatible for years
PS: родина-мать следит за тобой :blobcatpolicepeek:

@Miaourt quel qun peut faire un pack telegram mais c'est des carricatures de macron

@maiwann t'en connais beaucoup des Mangas qui commencent avec le méchant ? xD

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