Well, quite finished for today (tired), thanks to @ashley and @ilovecomputers for helping me a bit on the typos.

Yall can have a look on it, stuff is subject to move and/or still need to be written, but it's way more transparent than before and I think yall will like it :blobcat:

Have a look :


New round of corrections and tweak for the relifiting of niu.moe rules and about page, please report typos !

Big thanks to @Bitshift and @ashley who helped me doing stuff more readable and less typo filled !



@Miaourt So did you change the way you are handling other instances?
IIRC you were not blocking or silencing any instance before

@Ytrezar yeah, quite a bit

Silencing will happen more often, but it shouldn't change anything from everyone there point of view, since boosted content still goes trough the silencing "filter"

It's mostly just hiding stuff in public timelines

@Miaourt alright. For the record I I still wan RAW ( :blobcatowoevil: ) timeline, is it possible to have the silenced instances not silenced for me ?
Not that I care much since I'm not looking at federated anyway

@Miaourt Your role at the bottom is still typo'd! :blobcat:

It says "Administator" instead of "Administrator"

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